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Spotlight on: Barratt's Bakery

Spotlight on: Barratt's Bakery

While at first glance Barratt's might seem like your 'typical Aussie bakery', it's only after you've tried the softest of white breads, the lightest of sponge cakes and the most delicious of apple pies, that you get to understand just how much Barratt's Bakery stands apart from the rest.

Whilst shooting some products to add to our range, we had a chat with owner and renowned Redlands character, Jason Barratt, about his journey from apprentice to business owner, and some of his favourite items to bake... and eat!

It turns out that owning a bakery is a labour of love - it's late nights, early mornings and sticking to a strict production routine that ensures everyone's favourite goodies are freshly baked and available daily.

At just 15, knowing school wasn't for him, Jason took up an apprenticeship at a local bakery. Five years later, he was running the show there, managing everything from ordering ingredients, controlling production and quality assurance to rostering staff. 

It led Jason to seek out his own premises... and that was back in 2013.  Almost ten years later, Jason is just as dedicated to delivering quality products as he was when his store first opened. 

As Jason pulled out trays of freshly baked hot pies (and I started to salivate, as I always do when I stand for too long within the Barratt's premises), it got me wondering what his best sellers are. Aside from the fresh bread (of which he sells 150 loaves of just the white variety each day!) it's items like his apple crumble and bacon and vegetable quiche that his regulars come back for again and again. After sampling most of his best sellers (someone's gotta do it 🤤!!), I can say with absolute confidence that I fully understand why these items sell so well!

His regulars also love to stop by for one of Jason's freshly cut sandwiches, and a generous cup of coffee.

Aside from what's available in store and on our website, Jason also bakes cakes to order - slabs or round and in a variety of flavours and colours. These can be pre-ordered with a few days notice by calling the store directly. His favourite cake to make is his own take on the classic bee sting - a traditional Bavarian dessert with apple, blueberry and caramel flavours, sandwiching vanilla custard between 2 brioche layers, finished with a crumble and lightly dusted with sugar. Jason loves the way they smell and their classic appearance.

And what does a Baker of such sweet and delicate desserts like most to eat from his range of products.... why, pies and sausage rolls, of course! Barratt's Bakery may not be your typical Aussie Bakery, but Jason himself is as Aussie as a meat pie!

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