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Welcome to the shop local club! Butcher Baker Grocer

Welcome to the shop local club!

So we're finally live! You're part of a concept that is a first for South East Queensland - a digital marketplace for local stores and producers, and a delivery collective. How cool is that!?

It's certainly been a journey over the past few months and it seems this is just the tip of the iceberg... we're talking to further potential partners so you can expect to see more added to our site soon.

By shopping at Butcher Baker Grocer (BBG), you can emulate 'the good old days' - when customer service was a thing, and products were purchased from specialists in their field. We're here to tell you how it all works because let's face it, life was never this complicated back then!

The BBG collective is made up of some of the finest quality stores in the Redlands Coast region. As a customer, you can browse by store or collection and add anything you like to your cart. At checkout, it's all covered in one payment - we make sure the stores receive their portion of the payment. 

When we say 'welcome to the shop local club', we mean it. We know that shopping at truly local, independent stores, run by experts in their respective crafts, is pretty special. 

We also literally have a loyalty rewards club (it's free to join and automatic when you create your account), because we firmly believe that regular shoppers should be rewarded with free deliveries. Every time you shop with us you'll earn one quarter of the points you need for a free delivery. If that's not enough, we even reward you with points when you use a free delivery code! We also offer ways to earn bonus points - like telling friends about us, sharing our page on socials or just having a birthday - generous or what?!

You can access the loyalty program through the account tab when on mobile, or on the bottom left of your computer screen on our homepage you'll see a green button which says 'Rewards'. 

Once you've ordered, it's all over to us, so you can go about your life until we deliver.

How we package your delivery will depend on whether you're home. We ask whether you'll be home when you place your order so we can arrange to pack it into our cool bags ahead of time. If you do say you'll be home but end up going out, it's no problem either, we keep some spares in our van and everything is refrigerated right up to when we arrive at your door.   


To reduce packaging use, we try to keep items loose in our crates (items like fruit and veg will be placed in recyclable paper bags, where required), so when you're at home, we'll hand the crate to you so you can unpack it and hand it back.

If we need to leave cold and dry items when you're not home, we may pack everything in your cold storage bag or use a mix of cold packs and paper carrier bags, which will be sealed using paper tape. 

Our cold packaging includes reusable frozen gel packs - we tested this system personally on a warm day and the food stayed at a safe temperature until we brought it in from the shaded spot, eight hours later!

We do however recommend you don't leave your order outside any longer than you absolutely need to. As soon as you're home, any perishables should be transferred to your refrigerator. 

We will arrange collection of our cold packaging on a subsequent day. We will  email you with the arrangements, and then send a reminder to place the packaging outside on the morning of collection at the same location where your order was previously left.

Recycling packaging helps us reduce waste and keeps our packaging costs down  - savings we can pass on to you. Packaging is sanitised before being reused.

We genuinely hope your experience with us is flawless. Here at BBG, we are rather particular about customer service and always have the highest expectations of ourselves. Grocery shopping might just be another item on everyone's 'to-do' list, but we promise to do all we can to make it as painless as possible!

So, now that you're part of the club, let's bring back shopping locally, shopping with a conscience, supporting our local economy (we'll be back with more on that...) but also shopping with convenience and dare we say it, a little bit of fun!

And let's hear it for our awesome local stores and producers!!

Until next time... 

the BBG team 

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