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Megafresh is a family-owned-and-run grocery store, specialising in quality, value for money fresh produce sourced directly from the Brisbane Markets.

Dom Cadagrande and team are dedicated to the local community and passionate about what they do.

They offer a comprehensive range of local and imported grocery items, which they are committed to offering at competitively low prices, all the time.

You can shop their extensive range of products and specials online here, or in-store at 3250 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler.

Chandler Megafresh is part of Butcher Baker Grocer, an online collective of the best local stores & producers that makes it easy to shop local. You can view the entire BBG range here.

Fresh products sold per piece (each) will be equal to or greater than the average weight specified, where possible.

For many fresh fruit and veg lines, Chandler Megafresh offers two options - a premium line, usually sold separately, and a value line, usually sold in bulk. In store, these bulk lines are sold in buckets. At BBG, they are sold as 'bags' and the total weight, which is variable, is equivalent to a full 4L bucket of that item. Click on the 'show options' button to see the variants and their prices.