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This summer, say “Good Riddance” to sandflies and mozzies! Now your kids can play all day without the need for harsh chemicals to keep away the mozzies and midgies.

Naturally Outdoors’ flagship product, Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent is a natural, DEET-free midge, sandfly and mosquito repellent designed to get you back outside, without the nasty chemicals and pesky bites! It contains a blend of essential oil actives that give it a fresh, vibrant, citrus aroma with a woody undertone and notes of Australian natives.

The cream base is rich with shea butter and beeswax which helps prevent the essential oils from evaporating, so you don’t need to reapply as often. It also provides a physical barrier against those pesky midges and sandflies!

Sensitive Insect Repellent is available as a safe, natural repellent for babies, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin. Good Riddance Sensitive is the only insect repellent on the market specifically designed for sensitive skin. It proved to be just as effective as DEET as a midge repellent in our clinical trials, which we believe makes it the best midge and sandfly repellent in Australia! This unique product has a fresh, sweet floral aroma with herbaceous base notes and a hint of vanilla.

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