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River City Coffee Roasters, Ormiston

Located in a stylish warehouse/shop front in Ormiston, River City is the kind of industrially funky haven for coffee lovers that you'd expect to find in South Melbourne or Prahrahn. That its right here in our Redlands Coast is all the more satisfying.

Founders (and Redlands locals) Chris and Catherine are coffee lovers first and that shines through in everything they do. They source sustainable and ethically produced specialty grade coffee from the best producing regions around the world, then roast the beans in their state-of-the-art facility, taking care to showcase the full potential, flavour and unique characteristics of the origins of the beans.

The cafe, which started as a vehicle for sampling their delicious roasts, is always buzzing with like-minded coffee aficionados. Sitting there, sipping one of their premium blends or single origins, you can sense that everyone knows this is a very special place.

Initially we are selling only whole beans, however we will soon provide a la carte grind options too. Chris is always sourcing and roasting, so look back regularly for new products and fresh stock of existing products.