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Wagyu Marble Score 9 Sirloin Steak


Average weight = approx 380g

One of the most flavoursome beef pieces available, the MB9+ Wagyu Sirloin (porterhouse) is distinctly creamy because of the the high score of marbling, but also quite delicate in flavour.

Such a beautiful piece of meat needs to be cooked appropriately...

Rest the meat at room temperature to start (1 hr)

Gently sear for 1 minute on each side and then wrap in foil to rest for 5 mins (allowing it to reabsorb its rich juices)

For medium-rare, repeat the process but sear for 30 seconds on each side this time. After the second resting time, for the doneness, use a skewer in the centre to check the temperature, if the tip of the skewer is just warm, this is what you are after. (If it is cold, it will mean rare and might need more time to cook).

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